Thursday, August 19, 2010

Conference Reflections

Over the next few weeks, hopefully not months, I will be posting some summary notes from the conferences I have recently attended. It might be a good way to see what is worth pursuing or sharing at a Monday meeting.

So if something excites your imagination feel free to comment or raise questions.

International Conference on Catholic Educational Leadership

Key conference themes:

A key theme of the conference was re- contextualising Catholic Education and Catholic Educational Leadership. We were challenged to re-focus and re-imagine who we are and what we do as leaders within Catholic Education. Re-focus, by being reminded of the distinctive mission of the Catholic School and to re-imagine, by understanding this mission and our role as leaders within this highly complex, diverse and pluralistic contemporary world in which we live.

The key themes of the conference can be captured in the following questions

How distinctive are we as Catholic School , a Catholic System in today’s world? As Gerald Grace asked, ‘How high is our mission integrity?

What is an authentic Catholic Education in today’s contemporary world?

What does a stance of hopefulness mean for leadership?

What are the fruits of dissonance?

How do navigate complexity, instability, unpredictability but move as one towards transformative change?

What might an aligned educational system look like?

How do we move from our default position of fear and embrace risk and failure as a pathway to transformation ?

A subtle thread that emerged through many of the key note speakers was bringing the ‘edge to the centre. ‘ I think this could be a good discussion to have!

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